Location: Tornakalns, Riga, Latvia
Area: 24 230 sqm
Client: Univeristy of Latvia
Project Status: Competition, first prize

The basic architectural concept of Academic Center for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia is to contrast an irrational natural environment and rationally designed volume, that represents scientific and technological progress. The proposal emphasizes receptivity to natural environment and inner communication between different levels and departments inside the building.

The ground floor relief shapes and unites exterior and interior creating continuous public space. It can be defined as an intersection of main flows and a platform of interaction and recreation. Each department (medicine, pharmacy, chemistry and geography) occupies different floor thus shaping highly rational volume of the building till the 6th floor. The design of specific hexagonal facade structure relates to symbols of nature and gives certain recognizable image for the building creating excellent lighting scenery in interior.

The building of Academic Centre of Nature Sciences is designed to reach the energy efficiency standard of passivhaus that guarantees heat and microclimate comfort and fresh air. The compact shape of the building ensure optimized surface and volume ratio. The direct daylight  is provided in each study or reasearch room to maximize the use of sun energy. The interior microclimate can be adjusted by using ventilation system, heating period air humidity optimization is done by using special greeneries with plants.

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