Location: Cesis, Latvia
Area: 92 sqm
Project Status: Built

Temporary pavilion as part of the Riga Technical University International Summer School 2015 Instant was designed and built by 12 students who were guided by Mailitis Architects team. It is located on the edge of desolate historical Cesis Brewery which is isolated and temporarily used as exhibition premises for Cesis Art Festival. An Archive is one of the first interventions in the site that activates it and acts as sign of a change for by-passers.

The project is about making evident the life behind objects the place has collected through time. Bricolage of buildings, materials and construction methods from 19th, 20th and 21st centuries forms curious beauty of industrial architecture of the brewery. The project strives to continue the process of an architectural assemblage by using locally available materials and features of the place.

An Archive is used as shelves for stacking unnecessary recycable offcuts and found materials in the brewery territory. By inviting people to arrange these materials in useful ways, structure becomes a public space for events. Stacks of materials serve as tables, benches and stairs that lead to observation platform. Free standing structure integrated in the exiting garage is scaffolding type frame from localy sourced timber modulated 900 by 900 mm.

Photos: Austris Mailitis, Ansis Starks, Kaspars Kursišs

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