Location: Mezaparks, Riga, Latvia
Area: 10 800 sqm
Client: Property Department of the Riga City Council
Project Status: Ongoing project

The architects were awarded this commission following the competition in which they were asked to make proposals for Latvian National Open air stage. The stage is integral part of the Song and Dance Festival which is a unique feature of Latvian culture and a part of national identity. The key function of an open air stage is to keep the tradition of Song Festival, which is included into UNESCO culture inheritance list.

The artistic and architectonic concept of the National Open Air stage is based on the following set of symbols: the Hill, the Tree, the Grove, the Leaves and the Leafage. These symbols comprise the general image and scenic frame of the stage, which is associated with Latvian landscape, themes from Latvian folk songs and the wisdom of life. The singers’ tribune symbolically represents the Hill. The roof construction is based on the idea of a Tree. The interlaced trees make a Grove – the construction of the roof, overlaying an open stage and the singers’ tribune. Special manipulated devices are attached to the roof construction – acoustic shields, sound equipment, screens, light decorations, rain protection elements, etc. This changeble part of the stage gives an opportunity to adjust the construction to different arrangements with appropriate acoustics and scenography.

Reconstruction solution basically keeps the existing planning structure of the block of buildings intact. The stage itself gets a new geometry, its capacity increases up to 11 200 places for singers, 23 900 seats and 57 400 standing places for audience. A two level open zone for shops and restaurants will be built under the audience area.

The aim of the reconstruction is to turn the stage into multifunctional complex which could be used for different public performances all year round.

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