Location: Cesis, Latvia
Area: 72 sqm
Client: Institute for Environmental Solutions
Project Status: Built

Prototype square reconnects a historical brewery with an old town and hosts the publicly usable 1:1 architectural prototypes of the future brewery reconstruction. The project is located in the historical part of Cesis town center in the territory of an Old Brewery. It is bordered with Cesis Medieval Castle square and adjacent park.

The Prototype square is made as an entrance that restores the ever-existing historical connection from the Cesis Castle square to the Brewery. It is expected to be a herald for the visitors which presents the beginning of the Brewery’s transformation process. Square is built as a place to exhibit the architectural 1:1 prototypes that are intended to test the architectural solutions for the future Brewery. Designed to be a pieces of public infrastructure these mockups has informative and aesthetical function. Thus they become a coffee place, playground for kids, event’s space.

The square will host various prototypes every year. This year the temporary pavilion – rack for drying a wood – functions as a canteen and an event’s place. Inspired by the building process that will be the part of Brewery’s daily routine, it is informing people about the coming changes.

Photos: Ansis Starks

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