Location: Riga, Latvia
Client: SLLC "Rīgas cirks"
Project Status: Competition, Special mention

Circus is an unusual world of oddities, paradoxes and secrets. Its architecture has the potential to embody this atmosphere in a spatial form. In the proposal, the architecture of Riga Circus Quarter is modelled with respect to historical values and narratives using new, contemporary approach. Different volumes of specific architectural shapes are made for multiple diverse functions. Here, a circus town is made - the composition of tents of various sizes and shapes that appears as a gypsy camp around the mighty circus dome. Taking an adventure by climbing outdoor stairs through the terrace one can reach the lantern of canopy. The division of buildings’ volumes allows quarter to be easily and potentially variable developed in stages. Animal circus tradition is taken into consideration when reconstructing historic premises: the backstage, previously used as a corridor for animals, is designed to be open for public, horse stables - preserved and used as an event space. The heart of circus - arena's dome - is suggested to be restored as a significant historical sign of the city. The general architectural image of Riga Circus Quarter is created as bright, history respectful, intriguing space open for the city and people.

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