Location: Shanghai, China
Area: 920 sqm
Client: Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia
Project Status: Built

The philosophy and message imparted through the Latvian pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 (Innovation of science and technology in the city) is The road to happiness leads through harmony between nature and technology.

The facade of the pavilion is composed of 100 000 colourful, transparent, 15×15 cm plastic plates, which sparkle and sway in the wind generating a dynamic and kinetic effect. The facade stands for nature and its various facets – the forests, the sea, the land, the sky and the wind.

The construction scheme of pavilion consists of steel framework structure with 2 intermediate precast concrete floors based on concrete foundation plate and built-in vertical wind tunnel technological devices. The entry stairway of the pavilion leads upward in a spiral, expressing continuous and progressive development of humanity. At the top of the stairway, on the third floor of the exhibition hall, visitors behold a glass wind tunnel – a centrepiece of the pavilion, filled with flying people.

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