Location: Riga, Latvia
Area: 254 sqm
Client: Karlis Dambergs and Martins Dambergs
Project Status: Built

Kalnciema Quarter, with its beautifully-restored wooden buildings, is not only an area pleasing to the eye, but a lively arts and entertainment enclave. The complex of renovated wooden buildings in Riga is a 19th century wooden architectural landmark, which was built in the style of late western European Classicism. The revival of the quarter began in 2001 and now everyone can visit the six restored wooden houses which surround a small apple orchard.

Mailitis Architects have reconstructed central building – the heart of the quartier. In the renovation process of the building, traditional materials as centenary wood and old technologies were used, while at the same time the house have been adapted for the rhythm and comfort of modern life. The Kalnciems Quarter buildings have been enhanced and their facilities updated, making them modern and available to the public.

The Kalnciema Quarter is a part of “Collection of Wooden Buildings in Riga” and has been included in the Latvian Cultural Canon.

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